Within the Global Finance Market, we offer a broad cross-section of opportunities about Project Financing (both 100% Debt Senior or with Equity participation by our Investors), Venture Capital, Bank Guarantees, Managed Buy/Sell Programs, Monetization, Private Placement Program, Managed Banking Asset Programs, Medium Term Note programs. 

We launched in 2019 as well TFEX – Trade Finance Export, our Trade Finance London Branch which is dealing succesfully worldwide about providing customized trade finance intruments and financing tools for Import-Export transactions.  

IFA GROUP is 100% able to arrange for you the financial transaction which you wish to close in a positive manner whether it is for project financing or it is a transaction  in the Secondary Financial Marketplace, wherein investors are buying and selling amongst themselves Financial Instruments, MTNs or other structured Notes.

Also, we can arrange for you the Monetization of all types of Assets, what we require is simply that all Assets transactions must be elevated to a bank-to-bank level, and under the Interbanking regulated SWIFT System which means that all parties are protected by their own banks.