Within the Global Finance Market, we offer a broad cross-section of opportunities about Investment Banking Private, Banking Instruments, Trade Programs and Project Financing. 

Our Traders Desks for Investment Private Market operates in Zurich, London and Madrid and at any time they are able to propose Private Program Trade managed on your behalf on the Secondary Financial Market (SFM). They negotiate on your behalf the Fixed Income Securties and then they will trade them with high margin negotiation which will represent your high yield in full trasparency. You will never lose the control of your cash-deposit and/or Asset and your bank account will operate strictly under a Non-Depleting scenario.

About Project Financing, our Swiss Investor is able to provide your project with the necessary financing according a scheme of equity partecipation and debt senior where the project must have the requirement of a minimum 5% or 10% of Capital contribution, which can be represented by a banking instrument as well. 

Further we launched in 2019 our Trade Finance Spin-off which name is TFEX (Trade Finance Export) and our Trade Finance London Branch is able to provide customized trade finance intruments and tools for Import-Export transactions.