Within the Global Finance Market, we offer a broad cross-section of opportunities for structuring suitable Non-Traditional funding programs for high profitable projects.

Non-Traditional funding programs work only under the Ownership of a bankable Asset and such programs can be structured only on a Bank-To-Bank basis (it means they are ‘zero-risk’ transactions). The Client does not pay any upfront fee and no upfront costs.

Corporate and Individual entities, Family Office Managers, (U)HNWI, Asset Managers, Private Investors and other stakeholders of the Global Finance Market apply to Non-Traditional funding programs where normally they are the Titleholders and/or Beneficiaries of bankable Assets or they purchase one or more Assets for starting tailored funding programs.      

On the other side Project Funding on a Traditional Financing basis can be settled through our Investor Groups for bankable projects, according a scheme of equity participation and debt senior where the project investment must have the requirement of a minimum 5% or 10% of Capital contribution (Equity). 


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