There is a blog/website whose domain is “” (and whose hosting is GoDaddy). They posted on November 13, 2018 a defamatory page about our company.

The Blog’s administrator (Alan Jones) – and not one of our hundreds worldwide clients –  posted the defaming statements as follows: “Bank Instrument Scammer –” and “From the fake website”. It is a typical serious case of defamation, in fact it is not possible to understand, and he did not explain why he called us “scammer” and why our website is a “fake website”.

We only managed to find a photo of this Alan Jones but our Law Firm still hasn’t been able to find where he lives in order to proceed against him with heavy civil and criminal lawsuits.

Alan Jones

Our Law Firm investigated him, and his blog and the results have been very negative. The author of the defamatory post is a Nigerian person without permanent residence, making a business out of preying on businesses. We discovered many reviews about him on Internet and people talk about him like a “financial criminal”.

He highlighted an irrelevant issue from one of our legitimate LinkedIn posts (where we have around 1,500 contacts and followers) posting that our company had not FCA registration. Fact is over that our company does not require FCA registration because we are Intermediary and Introducer (SIC 66190). But our Nigerian friend, Alan Jones, used this irrelevant and wrong issue to start his defamatory financial criminal scheme against our company.

The reality is that IFA GROUP has hundreds of clients worldwide and has dealt hundreds of deals in the Structured Private Finance Opportunities (SPFOs) and Financial Assets on behalf of our clients and never we had a problem with anyone.

Mr. Jones on the other hand is known on the Internet (look at the links at the bottom of the page) as an “extortionist taking money from people” under a defaming criminal scheme on internet, using his bogus blog/website.

His criminal scheme: He starts with the defamatory publication about your company, then when you react to it, he asks for money ($ 5,000-10,000) to stop the false and defamatory publication.

Owners of other victim companies explain on Internet how the’s defamatory scheme works: “They look for unsuspecting companies …. post bogus information on them….. while you try to defend yourself, they post other lies…. Then …. Alan Jones comes on and lies more and more about you …., then they ask you for money”.

‘’, Alan Jones and the other involved people, they are dangerous scammers, liars and cheats!

IFA GROUP currently manage over 3 billion euros of investments value for worldwide projects and clients. Professional ethics is our primary value, and the hundreds of historical international clients know it. If you are not one of them and want to know who we are and how we work, simply reach out to our Director, a high experienced international economist and infrastructure finance specialist, who will be happy to talk with you. Please contact him at: Thank you!

Our Law Firm denounced the bogus and defamatory blog to the hosting GoDaddy and to Google and asked for the involvement of FBI investigation as well, because it looks that there are many people who said that they were victims of the defamatory financial criminal scheme by “”.