IFA Group is an Intermediary and Facilitator (Introducer) for potential positive transactions about project financing, trade finance, banking instruments (to sell – to lease) and assets monetization.

Generally speaking our mediation and negotiation (Introduction) on behalf of our clients  concerns every business banking option, and then all Contracts will be negotiated and provided by third party Providers. 

We forged strong relationship with private investors and international banking world, and this is why IFA Group is able to introduce you and facilitate your transactions to the appropriate Lender, Financial Institutions, Provider*. 

*IFA Group has or will endeavour to provide information or materials to the Client which IFA Group believes to be accurate and relevant for the purpose of due diligence, investigation and evaluation of the ‘Lender, Financial Institution, Provider’ that must be made by the Client, who is the subject responsible for any final and decisive due diligence, investigation and evaluation of the received information.