The Banking System gives Opportunities to Leverage your Banking Assets regardless if you are an Investor, a Company, a Private Individual, a Family Office manager or a Foundation.

This page is continuously updated about SBLC – BG issued by Top rated banks, Monetization and/or Private Trade Programs PPP (newly issued programs and/or so called “Evergreen”).

Here below you can read the current options, we invite you to come back again on this page time-by-time to be updated about the current available opportunities:

A) BUY OR LEASE SBLC – TO BUY – TO LEASE SBLC Minimum Contract 200M 1st Tranche 100M – Issuing from Top Western Banks 

B) BUY OR LEASE SBLC – NO POF – 100% SECURE – VIA INDIPENDENT TOP LONDON LAW FIRMS ESCROW PROTECTION – To Lease Price is currently 5% + 2% – To Buy Price is currently 35% + 2% – Buyers’ funds are held securely till instrument is verified before Buyer payment made – This method we can offer with SBLC issued by either Barclays or HSBC, London. Choice of 2 Escrow Legals available for Buyer – Minimum 1B contract

C) MANAGED BUY-SELL PROGRAMME – Returns can run for 5 years – CASH or CREDIT LINE minimum 100M & maximum 500M (USD/EUR) – Funds will need to be held in a top 25 Global or top 10 Private Bank based either in Europe or with Correspondent Bank in Europe – We need an Applicant Introduction with confirmation of the above – Then tell us how much you seek to raise for your project(s) or other social-humanitarian-ecological project(s)

D) CUSTOMIZED APPLICATION FOR INCLUSION IN A PARTICULAR PRIVATE PLACEMENT PROGRAM – Once the Client has been vetted by the due-diligence checks, then a document will be attached to the Asset Management Agreement (The “AMA”) which is created afterwards – This attachement to the AMA is the full language of the SBLC for the Client bank to prepare, including the name of the trading group as the Beneficiary of the SBLCApproval of AMA (trade contract) comes when the AMA has been signed by the Client and returned to the trade group’s principal offer – But that isn’t the end of the process-not yet – After the AMA is signed, it is packaged up and sent to the feds for final approval and for the trade organization to arrange the bank debentures that will be traded for the next 12 months – This can take 2 to 3 weeks for completion, as there are several steps that take place during this time frame

E) SAFE AND SECURE MANAGED BUY-SELL PROGRAM / PPPS 25M USD Minimum (Cash/Monetized Instruments) – Block Funds/Swift MT799 – Profit 100M+ 100% per month – 50M – 99M 70% per month – 25M – 49M 25% per month – Compoundable – Payouts are weekly or monthly depending on the Trade Program structure – Buyer must have cash in a TOP 50 rated bank in: Western Europe, UK or London, Singapore, or Canada only (not approved, Deutsche Bank Frankfurt, banks in Russia, USA, Iran, other not approved jurisdictions)

F) TO PURCHASE FRESH-CUT SBLCs PRICE 48 FV (Inclusive) 500M USD Minimum First Tranche – 5B USD Minimum Contract Value – Buyer chooses the Issuing Bank HSBC or Barclays in London, DBS Singapore, Credit Suisse, Standard Chartered, or UBS – Buyer must have a minimum of 100M Euros/USD in an account or an active credit facility with a minimum of 100M Euros/USD in a Top 20 rated bank preferably located in Western Europe, UK, Canada, USA, Singapore

G) TO PURCHASE FRESH-CUT MTNs PRICE 42 (Inclusive) MIN COUPON 5% MIN 7-YEAR EXPIRATION — 5B USD Minimum Buyer must buy – Buyer chooses the Issuing Bank HSBC or Barclays in London, DBS Singapore, Credit Suisse, Standard Chartered, or UBS – Buyer must have a minimum of 100M Euros/USD in an account or an active credit facility with a minimum of 100M Euros/USD in a Top 20 rated bank preferably located in Western Europe, UK, Canada, USA, Singapore

(H) Private Placement Programs – Licensed Traders will arrange Client’s Tailors Made PPP – Possibility to introduce the Beneficial Owners of Funds/Asset to a Trading Program – A Trading Operation providing for a secured & tailor made trade offer in relation to client’s Funds/Asset, in consideration to the intended Projects Financing of the Clients – If a client is interested to be introduced to a Private Placement Program (PPP), the latter must contact us with a KYC and two-signature bank-endorsed Proof of Funds (POF) – The “Clients” acceptable must be the legal and Beneficial Owner of the Fund/ Asset, not only the Beneficiary of the Funds/Assets – The Client is holding, owning and controlling under his/her sole signatory power, ownership and authority, either through him/herself or through a company under his/her direct control the financial asset (the “Asset”) – The Assets acceptable are Cash deposit on a regulated bank account – Amount superior to 100M/120M (Loan-to-Value must be at least 100M) – Any amount in a shot is possible – Our Trader arranges multiple trading accounts – No Transfer, if the Funds are deposited in a Prime Bank accepted by the Trader – If the Funds are < 100M (50M+ for example), on a case-by-case basis the client can be accepted – If and when the Funds are requested to be transferred, they will always be under the exclusive control of the Client, in an account in his name and under his own signature – The Underlying of the Trade Program is a secured buy/sell trading operation of MTN life notes providing for a “no loss” trading facility where the Client’s capital is under no effective threat of depletion, specially designed by the Trader – Compliance Package to be submitted by the Client (KYC documentation) is the KYC, CIS, with the valid color copy of the Passport of the Client, along with the Proof of Funds POF (Bank Tear Sheet / Bank Statement) dating less than 5 (five) calendar days issued by the Bank, along with the Business Cards of the 2 Bank Officers, along with the Screenshot / Printout from the online / internet banking account (Of the Day) – The Head of the Programs does not announce Profits / Returns for the Trading Operations, just simply to avoid falling into pure solicitation    

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