Whatever you are a new client or a new partner, we have to ask you some basic information about you/your estimated organization before to move forward with your request. It is mandatory according the International Business Regulation by ICC but also it will show us that you have a real interest to cooperate with us coming from your business or your personal situation and so you agree about our request for a your short presentation.

Please be aware that we have real interest in lasting and successful cooperation with new clients and new partners, and we hope it will start as well with your estimated organization or with you personally.  

If you are a new Client with financial knowledge regarding Trade Programs (Private Placement) and the Buy/Sell of banking instruments, then our Group will consider your Contact request as it come from an “adequate” client and you have to apply to the ‘Client Application (Corporate) or the ‘Client Application (Individual).

If you are a Financial Advisor, then you are entitled to receive support for delivering our Trade Programs (Private Placement) and Papers Buy/Sell transactions to your clients and you have to apply to the Partner Application‘.