Our Provider is a financial firm based in London and Monaco; as of this year in South America, also. They generate, structure and present fixed income financial instruments to the capital markets and to our clients. They offer a range of investment products and services in fixed income Corporate Bonds, public and private equity, mutual funds, mergers and acquisitions, special situations, debt restructuring and capital raising. 

They are forward-looking and differentiated. They focus on opportunities that generate risk-adjusted, attractive and sustainable returns, regardless of market conditions with the purpose to create sustainable capital for our clients and partners, while supporting the growth of the economy and moving the world towards a better future for the benefit of the community at large.

They have a range of Bonds, all backed by the issuing corporation assets and insurances, with low market correlation, managed by experienced asset managers and with excellent returns for clients.

Currently we are able to intermediate a portfolio of financial bonds and investment funds that offer our clients a variety of ways to invest their money with an expected return from 12% to 22% per annum.

Just for example, we can talk about Marwick one year bond.

Marwick bond coupon is 10% and we can offer a 12% discount from its face value.

This is a short-term investment product (1 year) and due to it a fixed return level between coupon and available discount is of 22% per year.

If you may need more information regarding any other bond we can provide you with a portfolio, please let us know and we will update you with the related documents.

Specifically, IFA GROUP November 2021 product portfolio offers:

Bonds, convertible loan bonds and managed portfolios (8% to 12% coupon).

GDP, USD and EUR share classes

Terms from 1 to 6 years

Geographic distribution from the UK to Australia

Emphasis on verified ESG products

From 8% to 14% face value discount options.

In the portfolio bond file, you may see the Bonds ISIN number, Stock data and other relevant information.

Each bond and its issuer undergo a rigorous review by finance team before becoming part of the portfolio. We are very aware of the importance for our clients of a competitive discount from the face value of each bond.

Our ability to provide a discount is generated due to Marketing’s exclusivity with corporations/issuers of Corporate Bonds and Corporate MTNs.

Bond purchases process – desk-to-desk, directly from the issuer ( convertible notes) or through regulated Platforms.

We will be happy to advise you with the necessary steps depending on the procedure to acquire the products in portfolio. Before agreeing to invest in the bonds, we will provide you with an investment contract stating the discount and the percentages of the bonds we can offer for your company.

Typically, we work very closely with Family Offices, Private Banks, Asset Managers, Fund Managers, Off shore Trusts, IFA’s, further with Wealth Managers & Real Estate companies from all over the world.

Each client receives personalized attention and we hold weekly video call meetings with our clients and issuing corporation principles and invite our financial team to present current records and new products.

As a result, our clients are aware of every news from Bonds Issuing corporations and at the same time resolve any doubts about their financial strategies and future investment plans.

If you are interested in our proposal, please contact us and let we provide you with the additional documents. After it, It will be a pleasure for us to invite you for a video call meeting to discuss your inquiries. And also, as soon as the general situation about COVID 19 will go better, we welcome you for a visit in the office in London or in Monaco.