It is a financial transaction on a bank-to-bank basis for corporates that can show and proof it to have closed an Agreement with a credible Seller Group for the issuing of a Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), according the UCP-ICC 600 and the ISP-ICC 98, or even a Bank Guarantee (BG), then we can arrange for the SBLC’s Owner/Titleholder that a third Party (Investment Group) will be available to make an advance disbursement which will be equal to an agreed Loan-to-Value (LTV) according the Face Value of the SBLC.
The LTV will be used as below:
1) To Pay to the Seller the Price + Commission of the SBLC, according to the Agreement negotiated between the Seller and the Owner/Titleholder of the SBLC.
2) The balance between the LTV and the paid Price + Commission can be paid to the Owner of the SBLC, or it can be be used by the Investment Group to make profits according to their private placements trade programs and with 100% risk on their own and the Owner of the SBLC will receive a percentage of the Yields as per signed Agreement with the Investment Group.
The Yields can be used to fund a Project or for wealth enhancement.
At maturity, the SBLC will be cashed by the Investment Group.
The above finance possibility is only one of the several options that our seasoned Financial Managers are able to structure and we like to propose it like a powerful financial engine that can be used for a lot of practical applications and structures with which our clientele can achieve their business and wealth management goals.
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