The website published by IFA Group® is for Sophisticated Financial Advisors (SFAs) and their clients. It is not intended to capture potential business coming from corporates or individuals who haven’t deep knowledge about what are MTN programs, who develops MTN programs, what types of issuers establish MTN programs, what types of offering are completed using MTN programs, why the dealer’s traditional obligation is to sell the MTN securities on a “best-effort” basis etc.
The website was created for Sophisticated Financial Advisors (SFAs) who knows that the above Debt Securities “MTNs” (Debt Notes) – as well as the bank guarantees – can generate Multiple High Asset Value Leverage (MHAVL) represented by a “spread” which is possible to generate daily (as well as more times in the same day). Further, the Buy-Sell management or Purchase-Monetization trades is zero risk indeed the contractual scheme provides that an “exit buyer” or a “monetiser” are in place.
Further, the website intends to reach the attention of SFAs and their clients who are aware that some Investor Groups are interested and have financial appetite as well to pay a Loan-To-Value (LTV) to get the rights on “purchased” bank guarantees or debt notes (so called “monetisation”). The process can be replied many times and can have an extraordinary Asset Value Leverage (AVL) effect.
We are not interested to deal with “sceptical people” who – according their imagination – think that our financial programs are structured through Shares/Stocks Trading, Futures, Financial Derivatives, Forex Trading etc. with the consequence that they are not able to understand our business. Also, their efforts to understand in few hours sophisticated structures about the above indicated Debt Notes finance is useless because it takes years of study and practice in the specific financial market niche to understand the financial and banking processes. They simply cannot understand which is our business because they have not a deep financial knowledge regarding Debt Securities and Bank Guarantees with the consequence that our Group will not accept them because they will be qualified as “inadequate” clients.