Managed Buy-Sell with Exit Buyer

20-point spread = 20% profit
Two steps: 1) Purchase BG – SBLC 42+2% HSBC – 2) Sell it for 64% to Exit Buyer
(same day or overnight) 

The Exit Buyer is a major trust based in London, England, well known to HSBC LONDON and has remained one of the bank’s top exit buyers on managed-buy sell instruments forseveral decades

1. Once the Client shows proof of verified funds in their bank account, and BEFORE the Provider even purchases the SBLC first with their own money, the Exit Buyer contacts the Client upfront to first enter into an arbitrage contract to purchase the verified HSBC LONDON SBLC at 64 points for a 20-point spread / 20% profit of the Face Value of the instrument.

2. The Provider purchases the HSBC LONDON SBLC instrument upfront with their own money and registers and posts the instrument in the HSBC LONDON banking system under the Client’s name in full bank custody at no cost to the Client.

More details in the files Download Pages (Managed Buy-Sell) – File code: H/011/0722