Medium Term Notes, also referred to as “MTN” or “MTN’s” are bonds issued under what is known as “MTN programs”.Generally Medium Term Notes (MTN’s) have following features:
The maturity and other issue terms can be structured to suit specific investor requirements. This enables Issuers to respond quickly to “windows of opportunity” in the market.
MTNs are usually offered continuously through a dealer group rather than issued in one tranche underwritten by a syndicate of banks.
Issued tranches can be listed or non-listed, Issued bonds can have a variety of different structures (maturity, coupon, listing etc.), Issuing method can be syndicated or via a single dealer.
An MTN-program offers issuers tremendous flexibility in the raising of medium and longer-term funds. The ability to offer investor’s tailor-made solutions with respect to, for instance, issue size, coupon structures, or maturity preferences allows issuers to achieve lower funding costs. The issuer also has flexibility over the amount of notes to be issued at any one time and MTN documentation makes issuance in smaller amounts economically viable.
If you are looking that a Fresh Cut MTN is issued to be used for a your financial plan and if you want also to discuss with our Asset Manager the entire finance program, you have to go through our Contact Page and go ahead accordingly, our Intake Office is waiting your contact to guide you step-by-step to get that a discussion with the Asset Manager starts.


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