This is a process which is always more considered as an alternative form of funding for a large number of projects and major projects, or better to say that always more the monetization of an asset (normally a financial instrument) generate a loan-to-value which become a part of the overall structured finance for the project. We are specialized in this financial process, and the client will move forward according a previous agreement with monetizer about loan-to-value (non-recourse) and procedure.  


File Download code: D-003-08-20-11

The owner of the bank account where the SBLC is being issued who is the Beneficiary of the instrument, has to send his corporate CIS with a current RWA letter from the bank.

In the case that the SBLC is to be issued, the Provider shows the capability of issuing the SBLC either via RWA or the providers banker sends an email stating the possibility of issuing the SBLC to the provider him self.

Loan to value is non-recourse and the instrument is cashed at maturity by the Monetizer.

After due diligence, the owner of SBLC is issued a monetization contract. LTV can go up to 88%, it depends by the Issuing bank.

There is a minimum Face Value accepted to get a monetization process can start.