monetization PROGRAM (FIMT)

We are pleased to provide you with a general prospectus in writing that will allow you to make your assessments regarding the preparatory process of international structured finance, concerning the monetization of your financial instrument issued by a bank with excellent rating.

The financial instrument needs to having a minimum face value of 20 (twenty) million USD/EUR/GBP which, following the positive outcomes of the monetization process, will allow its monetization which means the payment, by a specialized international investor (Monetizer) of a Loan To Value (LTV) (i.e. a loan commensurate with the percentage of the face value) in the form of a Non Recourse Loan (NRL). 

Ownership of the financial instrument remains on the Owner, obviously this availability is conditional during the year when the instrument’s owner is under contract with the Monetizer for the received Non-Recourse Loan.