A Non-Recourse Loan (NRL) is a procedure to raise funds for a project that the SBLC holder (or the owner of other accepted Assets) doesn’t need to pay back. Non-Recourse Loan is fund given by a Monetizer which is a significant Loan To Value wired-transfered through a bank-to-bank procedure from the trader’s bank to the bank which issued the SWIFT message (MT760).

Time-by-time, IFA GROUP can arrange through Trader Desk the monetization of banking assets (e.g. SBLC, BG, other assets deposited in a Prime Bank) up to 88-90% (LTV) of Face Value. If the Owner/Titleholder is willing to go on Platform with his asset, then the Loan to Value can go up 100% of FV.

For information about current available non-recourse-loan processes, entry requirements, contract value etc. please go through the Current Placements page.


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