IFA Group people have 12 years history in the structured finance arena, IFA Group has allied itself with an elite group of seasoned financial specialist partners who have worked for and with some of the most credible financial institutions and (U)HNWIs for decades. They have treated us to impressive demonstrations of the extensive, high-level financial infrastructure at their disposal – often no more than a phone call away – and the diverse and creative applications thereof when structuring fast and efficient funding and wealth enhancement solutions tailored for various clientele. According the receiving multiple requests, we will list some of the practical application possibilities of the funding mechanisms at our disposal for your inspiration.
Wealth enhancement or funding opportunities most commonly applied by our Clients are:

  • Credit Enhancement via Collateral Asset acquisition;
  • Secure Investment with predictable or even institutionally guaranteed performance;
  • One-off Capital Investment (Debt/Equity) by one of our Proprietary Fund partners with an appetite for certain types of projects/businesses.

For each type, there are several very credible, proven financial institutions at our disposal with each their own applicable entry-level requirements, with which we aim to match clients based on their specific needs, wishes, and financial capabilities.
The above finance possibilities are just an example about what our seasoned Financial Managers are able to structure and we like to propose these opportunities like a powerful financial engine that can be used for a lot of practical applications and structures with which our clientele can achieve their business and wealth management goals.
If you are looking for one or more of the above opportunities you have to go through our Contact Page and go ahead accordingly, our Intake Office is waiting your contact to guide you step-by-step to get that a discussion with the Fund Manager starts.