In this page we describe just one of the many Trade Programs (PPP) which we can arrange under positive verification of the funds of the client.

The main feature of the Trade Program herein described is that it distributes guaranteed profits, what does it means?

Indeed, most of the Trade Programs Private Placement basis agreement (PPPs) offer in the Trade Program’s prospectus ultra-high Yields and multiple Bullets in the first days but in fact the Issuer of the Trade contract doesn’t undertake any obligation towards the client, and this is what’s called a PPP contract on “best efforts”.

On the contrary, in the herein described Trade PPP, the Platform will issue the Contract not on ‘best efforts’ basis but will assure and undertake the distribution of agreed weekly/monthly profits (figures shared under request).

The Transaction Bank for the Trade Program is HSBC (London) and the client doesn’t need to move the funds from his bank account. The client is requested to have cash funds Euro/USD in a Top 50 Bank in Western Europe, Singapore, UK or Canada, or he must set a correspondent Top 50 Bank in an accepted jurisdiction (no accepted banks in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Africa, Mexico, Russia and other non-approved Regions).

We can arrange for the client to open a bank account with a Top 50 Bank in the name and exclusive signature of the client.

The Trade Program works with a weekly MT-799 Blocked Fund (bank-to-bank) which shows the existence of the cash fund to the Desk Trader of the Platform, anyway the two bank officers of the two banks (Platform’s Bank and Client’s Bank) can agree a customized bank-to-bank process to show the funds on weekly basis.

Internal Code of the above Trade PPP is: E/ROCO/0621, get more about this Private Placement Trade Program in the Private Placements Page.