Small Cap Trade Program (Private Placement basis)

As a standard, a Small Cap Trade needs that funds move into a IOLTA Attorney account or Paymster Top Law Firm account, then Platform should sets up the funds with Top worldwide banks in Singapore, U.S.A., UK, sometime in Switzerland in such a way that the trade starts.

We want to stress out that only few Platforms are willing and able to set up such a trade for amount smaller than 100 million and normally it is a window/spot opened time by time. As soon as one of the few reliable and performing Platforms will go to set up a Small Cap PPP considering 1M+ cash funds, then we will post it here.

That’s why our Financial Strategist Team gives option to structure a Buy and Sell SBLC-BG 10M+ Face Value Trade Program, with guaranteed exit buyer in place, which gives full control of the trade to the client.

When a client is ready to move forward to purchase a Standby Letter of Credit or a BG issued by a Top-rated bank, then he will apply to our Buy/Sell Program with a 10M bank instrument FV. We are able nowdays to go for less than 100M cut, so the client doesn’t need to purchase a Standby Letter of Credit or a BG with huge face value to get profits coming by the 20 points – 20% spread for every buy and sell transaction.

The Managed Buy and Sell trade financial structure is itself without risks and it can start with a BG – SBLC minimum Face Value 10 million, while normally the minimum 100 million face value is needed to get issued a banking instrument from a Top-rated Bank. Returns/Profits are guaranteed by the spread which is the difference/gap between two prices. To be more specific, it’s the purchasing-selling gap between the purchasing price (from buyer) and the selling price (from exit buyer) of an asset (banking asset). The Exit Buyer comes in the Buy/Sell with a Preliminary Arbitrage Contract.

File Download code: H-011-10-22-04

10 million USD/EUR/GBP is the minimum threshold for the Trade Program based on blocked fund via a SWIFT MT-799. Profits are 5% (five percent)-weekly / 260% (two hundred sixty percent)-year, they are paid on monthly basis and can be compoundable monthly, it’s an option. Profits can grow up to 100%-month, it depends on the invested amount of funds.

GUARANTEED profits. It’s ideal for Project financing with certainty in time and quantum.

Client’s bank must be a Top 50-100 worldwide and in an acceptable jurisdiction. Top Private Banks in Switzerland and Luxembourg can be accepted. A correspondent bank with the requested requirements can be accepted case-by-case.

File Download code:E-003-02-22-15

Trade Manager is US based and engages with qualified Clients who are looking for Client-tailored private placement opportunities after receiving General Submission Set.

10 million USD/EUR/GBP is the minimum threshold for the Trade Program on Ping basis of the client’s bank account.

The program requires a specific KYC format, and it is to be submitted with a current Proof of Funds signed by two bankers along with the Bank Comfort Letter (BCL).

European, US, Canada, or Singapore Top 200 worldwide bank.

Funds do not move from the client’s account.

More information in the file presentation with the code below. 

File Download code: E-023-04-23-11

Returns are GUARANTEED by trader company contract. 

Minimum Block Funds or SBLC Face Value minimum tranche is Euro 10 million. 

Client can do as many as they want, the Director of the Trading Company will tell the client how often the tranches will be. 

Loan To Value / Monetization is 80% – Non recourse Currency: EUR/USD.

File Download code: E-003-04-23-21_2