On these pages you can find a brief description of the available Structured Private Finance Opportunities, where you can read an assigned file code at the bottom of each description. Take note of the file code(s) of your interest, you will use it to download the Prospectus on the “File Download Page” with the transaction outline, figures and details about the Private Placement of your interest. 


What you have to do is to request us the password to log into the “File Download Page” via the “Contact” page. We will send you the password and you will be able to download the Prospectuses for each one of the Private Finance opportunities of your interest that we can arrange for you.


After you got the basic information about the Private Finance service(s) of your interest, you will come back to us to move forward or to get further information and/or clarification. Before you fill the application to be sent to the Platform, a direct call with the Principal can be arranged.