Leverage Capital and Private Placements (PPP)

We arrange high yields trade program (PPP) without that client moves the cash-fund from his own bank account.  

Cash fund must be in a checking or saving account, the funds are never at risk because client has not to wire transfer the cash fund to a third party bank account. All the procedures are bank-to-bank and based on the SWIFT System with internal banking protocol messages. Every step of the bank-to-bank procedure is with full banking responsibility and if client is oriented to use cash fund in a PPP Trade Program, then the cash will be blocked into his bank account with a MT-799 Block Fund. When the asset for the Trade Program (PPP) is a financial instrument, normally it is a Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) or a Bank Guarantee (BG), the legitimate Owner of the financial instrument, issued by high rated or other acceptable banks, will cash his instrument through a process called ‘monetization’. The Monetizer after receiving the instrument at his receiving bank will send a MT-103 Swift payment to the Owner’s issuing bank for an agreed amount called Loan-To-Value (LTV) and it will represent the amount to go on Trade.