This Private Placement Program requires cash funds Euro/USD in a top 50 bank in western Europe, Singapore, UK or London, or Canada, non-recourse (applicant doesn’t have to repay anything), profits can be compounded and guaranteed in a bank contract with a transaction code.

No accepted banks China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Africa, Mexico, Russia and other non-approved Regions.

Currently we have the following types of programs available:

  1. Internal Bank admin hold / block
  2. POF Program via a weekly MT799
  3. MT799 block funds / reserve

Details and figures are shown on request, you can consider as standard a triple digits profits yearly and double digits monthly. Three entry levels tiers with different and growing profits, returns are guaranteed (not best efforts).

Client can roll all of the returns or a percentage of the returns back into the trade for the next month’s trade cycle. Once the Client is placed into the Trade Program there may be other enhanced trades offered. Client will have an opportunity to participate in these special trades as they become available during the trade term (one-year and one day).