The main 4 factors to get a positive closure of a cash-backed asset transaction are: management, financial instruments, client and provider.

If one of the above factors is poor, then never the Investor Group will move forward. When we move forward, we know that the our Group management has the experience and background to back the transaction. Then we go through the evaluation of the Instrument that the client is willing to use, indeed a large spectrum of possibilities can be shared by the client and we have the experience to understand if the proposed asset is acceptable or not. The client will go under a compliance which is mandatory for the bank-to-bank transactions and it is better that we talk with him before to present him to the Platform, indeed if for any reason he cannot be accepted by Platform, then a red flag is automatically hooked to his name, also the few real Platforms in the World share a common clients information platform as well. About the Provider, when our Group moves forward, we will present your file to the Trade Manager by the Platform who will decide if a contract will be issued, indeed we have daily discussion with the Trade Manager to discuss about our clients pipeline and in few days after presentation we have the definitive Platform’s decision.