We forged strong relationship with Asset Managers, Intake Officers of Investor Groups and Private Banking Investment Managers.

We are constantly updated about opportunities for raising funds for projects or for private capital leverage coming from the Secondary Financial Market (SFM) and with focus on Alternative Financing Structures.

Further, our track-record about structuring Infrastructure Finance for Major infrastructure projects give us potential about Project Finance and project owners’ requests for financing bankable projects.

This is why IFA GROUP is able to manage your request with a non common expertise and professionalism.

Company ‘Head of Group’ is IFA Infra Finance Advisors Intl Limited (based in London, UK) and we are the unique and original Company – involved in worldwide financing transactions – authorized to use the “IFA GROUP” brand/name. We say it because some clients reported us about some ‘entities’ who try to spend our exclusive brand and presenting itself as “IFA GROUP”.

Managing Director at IFA Infra Finance Advisors Intl Limited since June 2018 is Graziano Nigro, he is an economist with strong track record about Project Finance for Major Infrastructure projects worldwide and Collateral Assets management and transfer.

He is a Certified Public Accountant, degree in economics, specialization in Project Finance and Infrastructure Finance at Bocconi University in Milan (Italy).

Please do not hesitate to schedule a call with Mr Nigro or with one of our Intake officers contacting us through our Contact page